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Our spaces

The shipyard provides you with comprehensive support for your boat, whatever the nature of the work to be done. You will benefit from the experience and expertise of professionals who will work with you to find the solution best suited to your expectations.  

The fairing space, with a surface area of 6000 m², is located in the immediate vicinity of the ship, shops and all yachting trades.

Our services


Lifting operations are carried out through the use of a boat lift with a capacity of 30 tons, and a forklift with a capacity of 9 tons.

Masting / dismasting are carried out with a crane
mobile mast

The easy access crane dock in all weather
is located facing the entrance to the port.


The fairing area with a capacity of about 50 places can accommodate all types of boats (engines, masted or dismasted sailboats).
The wedging is carried out on cradles.


Parking during the worksite intervention or maintenance operations carried out by individuals is offered at a daily rate proportional to the length of the boat.


The first 3 days after leaving the water are offered at a reduced rate


The fairing operations offered by the yard:

  • Cleaning the hull with a high pressure

  • Scraping shaft lines, propellers, flaps and bases

  • Application of International or Boero game antifouling adapted to the support


These operations are usually performed
in 48 hours.

The annual maintenance is an important moment for checking the living works of your boat, do not hesitate to ask our technicians for advice.

Carénage et Antifouling

The yard was recently equipped with a new heated and ventilated paint booth to accommodate ships up to 15 meters


Hull painting and polishing have been specialties of "Carènes Services" for more than 20 years.

The polish cleans, revives and protects gelcoat and paints. It consists of cleaning and then applying with the polisher a polish adapted to the condition of your hull and finishing with a protective wax.

The choice of paint is made from a color chart. The painter first proceeds to sanding and resurfacing, then to a coat of primer. Then follow two coats of two-component paint and the replacement of the adhesive decoration.

Peintur de coque et polish

With more than 500 boats treated preventively and 120 curative treatments, The fight against the phenomenon of osmosis has been one of the specialties of the shipyard for many years.

Osmosis is a phenomenon that affects polyester hulls over time.

The diagnosis can now be carried out quickly after the boat has been taken out of the water, in particular during the annual refit.

It consists of a measurement of the humidity level of the hull.

There are two types of anti-osmosis treatments:

  • Preventive treatment

    • It is the protection of the submerged hull of new boats and old ones in good condition.
      After stripping the existing antifoulings, the treatment consists of applying 3 to 5 coats of special epoxy primer curative osmosis and 2 coats of antifouling.

  • Cure

    • It requires a hull drying time optimized in the region by the sunshine and the mistral and by faster drying procedures.
      The processing follows the procedure specified by "Gelshield International".

Traitements anti-osmose

Two laminators specialized in polyester and composites operate from the simple recovery of gelcoat to the complete modification of ships for professional use.


Hull customization:

  • Manufacture of stern platforms for motor boats

  • Manufacture or modification of stern sailboat

  • Keel stratification

  • Hull modification

  • Design and installation of bulbous bow...

  • Ridder ring


Hull work after accident:

  • Boat repair after accident

  • Possibility of direct coverage of the work by the insurance (depending on the companies)


Equipment installation:

  • Bow thrusters

  • Manufacture of consoles and seats ...

Travaux de satisfaction

The professionals of "Carènes Services" are at your disposal to advise you in the choice of the equipment best suited to your needs.

The  ship  offers you a wide choice of equipment at the best prices on the market.

  The site ensures the installation of electronic equipment (sounders, log / speedo ...) as well as equipment such as flaps, windlasses, bow thrusters ...

Pose d'équipements

We also take care of Marine Mechanics, INOX / ALU Works and the Distribution and installation of navigation equipment.

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